Tourpaq™ Tour operator solutions 

Created for Tour Operators by Tour Operators

Tourpaq™ is developed to automate and ease the daily processes of managing, selling and booking travels. In short,
Tourpaq™ is developed to improve your business. We have PAQed our primary features for product creation, publishing, booking, payments and efficient back-office administration for tour operators, agents, hotels and other suppliers.



DKK 2.500 - SAVE 80%

Per month

  • Travel production and management for charter
  • unlimited access to
  • Up to 3 brands
  • up to 4 users - price per user hereafter

TP™ Premium

DKK xxxxx*

Per month

  • Travel production and management for charter AND Dynamic
  • free online support
  • Training of super users
  • BI reporting
  • up to 4 users - price per user hereafter

  • *Set-up cost not included
TP™ Enterprize

DKK xxxxx*

Per month

  • Integration to HubSpot (and more)
  • 2 fully integrated apps
  • Customized email layouts
  • Business relevant predefined Power BI reports 
  • up to 4 users - price per user hereafter

  • 'Set up cost not included

Destination Management

Tourpaq™ provides simple solutions to support more complex features ensuring a smooth and complete destination management - making sure your partners, guides and in the end – your guests have everything they need. Optimizing the way to increased customer satisfaction. 

  • Destination app 
  • Guide log in
  • Agent log in
  • Automated lists & reports
  • Multi language list names
  • Multi-currency management
  • Excursions creation, booking and payment

Online Customer Engagement

Building a relation to your customers through Tourpaq™ – adding a personal touch through atomization. In Tourpaq we value the importance of keeping a solid history of your customers, without jeopardizing their privacy. Genbesøges….

  • Email History and Sms history 
  • Changes to booking
  • Conversation
  • Log in to My ticket
  • Questionnaire
  • Automated email/sms flow and Dynamic email/sms flow 
  • Booking history - Latest booking destination and hotel 
  • Satisfaction
  • Identify and mark Special customer
  • Personal notes and reminders for easy and personalized conversation

Back Office efficiency

Maybe one of the most important aspects of a business is to have a clear overview. That’s why Tourpaq™ makes this as easy as can be, having all kind of statistics and reports just a click away.  

  • View all bookings – monitoring daily sales
  • View all booking – statistics and comparisons
  • Easy profit overviews based on product type, hotel, transport and/or destination
  • Export files
  • Sales statistics and profit overviews
  • Seat vs. beds overviews
  • Easy overview of todays sales
  • Easy overview of specific periods and sales monitoring


+1.000.000 Bookings


+125.000 hrs of development


+12 years of experience


Bringing together several applications such as your CRM system and Tourpaq on one common platform, cross-functionality and coherence is created between the company's many processes. Enabling easy overviews through Business intelligence, flexible travel solutions through GDS, bedbanks and Channel Managers and increased customer satisfaction through CRM integrations. 
Dynamic integration

Go all in on dynamic packing of GDS flights and Bedbanks or combine own contacts with low-cost flights or scheduled flights. End of empty legs and short seasons 

Financial integration

Automate and streamline your finance processes, improve the workflows and spend your resources on analyzing rather than registering data.

CMR integration

Improve the sales and marketing process, Get to know your customers and generate increased profit with integration to CRM and a Marketing Automation software

Hosted or licensed

Hosted Tourpaq™
Hosted Tourpaq™ is a complete solution, where we take care of all operations. Hosted Tourpaq™ allows you to get started quickly, without having to invest in hardware and database licenses.

The hosting solution is popular because it is simple, safe and easy to budget. You have a fixed monthly fee with everything included and you avoid unforeseen costs, as well as the trouble of having to operate your own servers. Hosted Tourpaq™ can be delivered within 2-3 working days. The solution includes server operation in a redundant environment on two separate physical addresses with redundant fibre connections, redundant power supply, disk mirroring, continuous upgrading of hardware, on-going database updates, all database licenses, 24-hour monitoring, daily backups and backup monitoring, virus protection, cooling and fire protection.

Licenced Tourpaq™
As an alternative to hosting, we also offer regular licences. The licenses can be installed in your own hosting environment or on your own servers and the purchase can be supplemented with an update subscription, so you are always guaranteed the latest software version and 24-hour support.

Purchased licenses are cheaper in the long run and could be financed through leasing, so that the investment will be spread over, for example, 24 months. The result is roughly the same payment pattern as for hosting, but will have an overall lower operating expense.


As our world-famous writer HC Andersen wrote back in the mid-18th century "To travel is to live". He was a travelled gentleman and for over 40 years made trips to many destinations, which were certainly not easy to get to at this time. We live by his motto and our goal is to make the travel experience as perfect as possible, both for the customers, but certainly also for all those who work with all the underlying planning, to create great travel experiences and amazing products.


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