Travel agency software for group tours

Take your travel business to the next level on user experience, management, and operations efficiencies.

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Making group tours easy to manage

Group travel management

With the Group Web module, you can manage group booking with more than 1.000 customers per tour.

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Simple & Easy Setup

Follow our get started guide and publish your tours and start taking online bookings within hours. Full support website and Travel management system.

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Proven best pratice

Tested and proven website template for great customer engagement and high converting booking flows. Add your personal touch to the industry's best practices.

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Support and training

We will get you started and train you t manage tours, customers, and back-office operations more easily and efficiently, than you have ever tried before.

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Grow your travel business

Tourpaq is a scalable platform with a higher degree of automatization and personalization that will free up time and resources, and let you focus on delivering a great customer experience.

How it works

TOURPAQ is a cloud-based travel management system

Automate the entire workflow – with suppliers, partners, and customers. Speed up sales and operations to deliver a better experience and increase revenue.

Group web module

Our group web module, allows you to manage groups from 10 to +1.000 by setting up an environment, that allows the customers to feel as if, they have their own environment to sign up, add rooms, and reserve products - leaving the data entering and room allocation to the group itself or the group leader, while having all overviews, allotment controls and finances within TOURPAQ.

Allotment management

TOURPAQ is a powerful, yet simple system, that allows you to manage your sales and capacity. With TOURPAQ allotment system, you always have an up2date overview of your capacities, both within the back office and frontend.

This removes the risk of overbookings completely as everything is updated instantly within every point of sale.

Customer self service page

Convenient and efficient: With our self-servic platform the customer can manage their very own travel arrangements, without your staff having to get involved.

The customer has access to all their travel documents, and is able to pick rooms, bunkmates, seats on the airplane, etc. directly within their customer page.

Upsale products and Attributs

Through our personal customer page, your customers are able to choose add-on products for their tour, and give customized information related to ex. Bike size, shirt size etc. and your travel agency will get an overview of the customized order before, you finalize it.

Individual payments & GDPR friendly

TOURPAQ is a fully integrated solution to create and process travel documents in compliance with the GDPR requirements.

The system creates only one document per tour, which means, that all group members have simplified access to their own travel documents and will only be able to see, and manage their share of the payments for their part of the tour.

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