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At Tourpaq, we are dedicated to ensuring that you, as our valued user, have the best experience possible with our platform.

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Your satisfaction is at the core of what we do

However, in order to assist you effectively and resolve any issues as quickly as possible, we need your cooperation and commitment to follow the guidelines laid out in this guide.

You play an essential role in this process. Your clear and detailed description of any bug or issue helps our team understand the problem, pinpoint the cause, and work toward a swift solution.

This form is designed to walk you through the process of creating a proper support ticket and to highlight the information that will be most helpful to us.

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General tips when creating a ticket:

Be Clear and Concise: Use plain language and be as specific as possible without unnecessary jargon.

Use Bullets or Numbering: Organize information in a way that's easy to read and follow.

Attach Supporting Materials: If you're referring to documents or other files, make sure to attach them to the ticket.

Be Patient and Courteous: Our developers will get to your issue as soon as possible. Being respectful and understanding can foster better communication.

How to define the priority of a ticket:

BUSINESS CRITICAL: Critical issues causing system failure or major disruption, demanding immediate attention.

URGENT: Urgent issues in the system causing disruptions, impacting user experience and system functionality, demanding fast attention.

HIGH: Major problems impacting functionality or use experience significantly.

NORMAL: Moderate impact on the system or user experience, can be resolved in standard business hours or a few days.

LOW: Minor issues with limited impact, suitable for future updates or regular maintenance.

NICE TO HAVE: Non-issue requests for information or guidance.

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