Travel Agency Software for Leisure travel

The ultimate travel management system, with all the features you need to run your travel agency in the most effective way.

With Tourpaq, you can automate your sales processes and manage your flights with ease through our full GDS integration.

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GDS integration

Connect with airlines across the globe

With our GDS integration towards Amadeus and Galileo, your team of travel consultants will never have to work directly in the GDS again - but will be able to get the airfares loaded automatically, while always ensuring updated prices.

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Simple & Easy Setup

Follow our get started guide and publish your tours and start taking online bookings within hours. Full support website and Travel management system.

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Proven best pratice

Tested and proven website template for great customer engagement and high-converting booking flows. Add your personal touch to the industry's best practices.

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Support and training

We will get you started and train you to manage tours, customers, and back-office operations more easily and efficiently, than you have ever tried before.

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Grow your travel business

Tourpaq is a scalable platform with a higher degree of automatization and personalization, that will free up time and resources, and let you focus on delivering a great customer experience.

How it works

TOURPAQ is a cloud-based travel management system 

Manages all your content from one place, making it easy to build up your database with rates, itineraries, upsell products, and more.

Powerful pricing engine

TOURPAQ is the ultimate travel management system, with all the features you need to run your travel agency in the most effective way.

All prices and data are pulled directly from TOURPAQ's strong database and cost engine.

With the pricing engine, you can combine and pull rates from your own fixed contracted rates and from some of the worlds leading bed banks and GDS providers.

TOURPAQ gives you the freedom to create appealing and competitive products, where rates can be combined from different sources and suppliers according to your needs.

Product data platform

With TOURPAQ, you can set your product manager free from performing administrative tasks and let him or her focus on creating amazing new products and negotiating the best rates possible.

Your product manager can create your tours, hotel descriptions, and itineraries directly within TOURPAQ. You'll never have to manage the same data on several different platforms again. All pricing data is pulled directly from our powerful pricing engine.

All of your products and travel itineraries can be managed directly within TOURPAQ, and with our well-documented API integration, you can publish new tours and rates directly onto your existing website.

No more need for searching up airfares within your GDS manually and having to make estimates for each season. With TOURPAQ the airfares can be updated automatically within your set intervals. This makes your travel agency both more competitive and effective, as your prices are always up to date.

Are you paying your suppliers in other currencies than your own? TOURPAQ will also help you update this, by allowing you to update exchange rates only once and deploy them towards all packages where the specific currency is used.

All in one platform for your sales

Your travel consultants can easily create new quotes and make appealing travel itineraries within minutes, making them much more effective and giving the opportunity to get more sales.

Everything is pulled directly from TOURPAQ's strong database and cost engine. And your travel consultants are able to combine rates from your own contracted rates and some of the worlds leading bed banks.

Customer engagement

TOURPAQ comes with a built-in CRM system and offer-management system, which will take care of all your customer data and give both you and your colleagues a good overview of sales and open deals.

Once a booking has been made, our built-in email engine will take good care of your customers, sending out confirmations, vouchers, and follow-up on payments.

TOURPAQ can also send out offers for upsale options, which the customer can purchase for their tour. Ex. daytrips, seating on the airplane or booking of a specific room, and much more.

Your customer gets access to their own personal customerpage "my ticket" and mobile app, where they can access all their relevant travel documents and manage their tour.

Dashboards and reports

With TOURPAQ, you have the ability to make data-driven decisions for your travel agency.

Our platform integrates with Power BI, which makes it possible to visualize your reporting and data in an attractive way.

With TOURPAQ the "view all bookings" dashboard, you'll have an immediate and real-time overview of all tours booked, open tasks, missing payments, GDS queue, and much more. In other words, you will have all the information needed, for you to have a good overview of your travel agency.

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