Online Booking flow

Online Booking flow

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An easy all-in one online booking flow for guests, supporting online booking flow for packages, dynamic packages and round-trips.

Online Booking flow

Online Booking flow

The online booking flow in Tourpaq takes your customers from the inspirational presentation site, and while they are being convinced that the packages you provide is what they want, they can choose to book right away.  

The responsive booking engine will enable the guest to book the package they want, fill in passenger names and select any additional sale such as seating, room selection or board type.

Once the booking is completed, the guest get access to ‘My ticket’ where they can alter and add to the ticket within the limits you define. The flow will take them through the payment flow, upsales flow and also possibility to add questionnaires as part of the journey with you.

Our online booking flow is supported by Automatic email – and payment flow which is triggered in Tourpaq back office and also meaning that aside from keeping an eye on your uests, prompting them to pay in time, you can also see if any guests have not paid within the deadline as you will be prompted in the dashboard.

Our online booking flow consists of features like:

  • Unique and uniform online booking flow for packages, dynamic packages and round-trips
  • Enabling a direct booking flow directly from email offer
  • Responsive web booking engine for online end-users
  • Immediate and automatic confirmation per email upon booking
  • Presentation site with all applicable up-sales opportunities
  • Log in to ‘my ticket’ after booking is completed for customers to pay online and/or add additional sales

As part of the Tourpaq platform – no matter the level you work with, we provide you with an Easy all-in one online booking engine enabling you to increase your online sales.