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How the Travel Guides workday is transformed with Tourpaq Guide App

Being a tour guide is not a holiday – quite the opposite! Shifts may start as early as dawn and end in the wee hours of the night, with a variety of duties varying according to where one is stationed. All in all, one must be prepared for an ever-changing daily schedule that continuously affects your working day. But how do tour guides best optimize their everyday life with minimal time, but still under pressure to deliver the best possible experience for their guests while ensuring the highest level of customer satisfaction?

How the Travel Guides workday is transformed with Tourpaq Guide App

Meet Sofie she is already experienced in the travel industry at age 33 due to her successful career thus far. In 2010, she took part in guide training as both head of school and instructor, playing a pivotal role in teaching a great number of individuals. Presently, she has been with Primo Tours for 8 seasons, functioning as both tour guide and guide manager.

"If you had had Tourpaq in the old days, it could have saved a lot of time and there would have been more time to be there for the customers".

In this blog, Sofie gives us a look into her life as a tour guide with help from the TourpaqGuide App. This is the ultimate mobile app for seamless customer communication - always at your fingertips and in your pocket. No more clunky computers and troublesome accounts, but hello to face-to-face customer service on the go. With this app, all the information you need is readily available, making it easy to serve customers anytime, anywhere. Upgrade your customer service game with this innovative and convenient tool.

The app helps Sofie solve the tasks she faces daily and streamlines her busy work life, making sure customer service doesn't take a backseat to managing tasks and limited time. Not two days are alike for her; however, with TourpaqGuide App at her disposal, it's easier to tackle each one and make her work easier by streamlining tasks and helping her prioritize customer service. With so many tasks and precious little time, having such an app makes navigating the chaotic schedule much simpler.

Optimizing productivity: The power of apps in streamlining your workflow

Today, to make everyday life easier, we all use apps on our mobile phones, whether it's for social media, fitness, finance, or online shopping, it's one thing we can't do without. In addition, apps are becoming more and more popular as an aid in workplaces. Apps are easy to use and provide many important benefits, and since it is an all-in-one solution, they are here to stay.  

Top 5 benefits with the Tourpaq Guide App:

  • Raising the service level for customers by improving accessibility and saving time, gives the customer the feeling of closer connection and improves loyalty
  • Offers better user experience, enhances customer service, and improves customer engagement.
  • Captures the customer insight, making it possible to collect and analyze customer data to get to know your customers better, and furthermore improve business  
  • Increases sales, since customers can book directly in the app, and not wait to talk to a travel guide.
  • Enhancing the ability to cross-sell and upsell: With a centralized and organized view of customer data, businesses can easily identify opportunities to offer complementary products or services to existing customers, potentially increasing revenue.

The Tourpaq app is user-friendly and effortless to operate, so tour leaders and guides can utilize it without stress and navigate through it, even when the pace is quick.

Within the application, all destinations are already organized. Different user access profiles can be established so that administrators have full authority while guides have more limited permission in order to prevent any unnecessary distraction or interruption from features, they do not need to use. The restriction is applied for convenience, as visitor data can only be acquired from the current destination to protect user privacy.  

Each stop requires a separate login and respective details, plus tour plans integrated into Tourpaq for improved navigability; guides even have the capability to make bookings for clients on excursions directly in the app.

Manual tasks used to be completed with the help of fax lists and information being passed through word-of-mouth from both employees and customers. This caused lengthy delays in providing advice for customer trips and resolving customer grievances.

"Tourpaq is extremely essential for our daily workflow at the destination because all information about the guests can be found in Tourpaq, all administrative work carried out at the destinations is based on Tourpaq".

The Tourpaq Guide App feature-overview

  • Guest lists - for the airport are now often kept digitally, thanks to tour guides that are increasingly young and can easily access them on an app. This eliminates the need to print paper-saving time, and money, and aids the environment. Some agents use Tourpaq for arranging transfers, while others handle the distribution of transfers through their own buses with assistance from Tourpaq's Seating module for seat assignments.

"I am personally very happy with the app, as it has minimized my administrative tasks, and therefore I have more time to help and advice my guests at the destination, which leads to increased customer satisfaction."

  • Chat feature - Utilizing a chat feature proves to be incredibly advantageous, as customers can get instantaneous responses without having to wait. The added perk of notifications ensures that employees remain efficient and are able to promptly address inquiries in an opportune manner.
  • SMS sending – Many templates can be made to provide a range of information such as practical data, trip details, and flight schedules; these are then separated for the relevant clients. This is an effective method that is used by many.
  • Guest service + complaints – Entering different service cases into Tourpaq enables a guest's booking to be quickly located, providing all pertinent information and case details. After saving the document, it can be viewed immediately at any office or home; displaying whatever was discussed with guests, allowing assistance to step in without delay. This reduces complaint handling times while improving customer satisfaction levels and lowering wait periods. Good customer service must include being able to view what the tour guides have done at each destination. Images can also be included within the complaints process, allowing guests to visually access this information too.

"It's so cool that the communication is updated and stored continuously, and you can follow the entire process from the office, and nothing is lost with Tourpaq."

  • Control guides in TP – all guides can also be connected, and communication can take place via email.
  • Loyalty program - Tour guides are able to quickly determine if their guests have stayed with them previously. This allows them to recognize and give special treatment to loyal customers, as well as entice travelers to return in the future. To do so, they provide a personalized welcome in each room for every guest.

"There is generally a big saving of time if they had had the app before, as you can navigate and clarify questions with customers faster, which also results in happier and more satisfied guests."

Who is the app used by, and who can use it?

"They always have their most important tool at hand - in the form of an app on their phone. If I had it earlier, there would have been fewer working hours in the office with administrative tasks, and less follow-up, as everything can be done immediately with the app.”  

  • Suppliers will be notified through email about the breakfast orders for the hotel. The list includes the name and room number of the guests, and they can select from predetermined times when they would like to have their meal.

What have we learned? The insights gained from using Tourpaq Guide App

Before Tourpaq, tracking tasks and processes was a troublesome process. Every journey and flight required someone to manually update the board, with no guarantee that it provided the correct overview. Tourpaq has eliminated these challenges, allowing for efficient oversight without any hassle.

The big difference lies in the ease and everything that goes with it.

The changes affect all the lists at once, so it's quick optimization.”

Before, all the labor needed to be physically brought back to the workplace. This could quickly amass since guides and tour operators had to visit 3-4 different hotels. With Tourpaq's application linking directly, however, workers in Denmark are able to view every detail and can pitch in on any task should they need to. The distinction here is how much easier everything is.

"The distance from the office to the destination is shorter because we all work in the same system".

The Tourpaq app provides a significant time-saving advantage for guests, making communication quicker and errors fewer. Gone are the days of carrying paper lists as all necessary information is readily available on the app.

"The flow of information is much easier and faster now than before we got Tourpaq"

Conclusion – The key to unlocking your guide’s full potential.

As we know, companies choose to invest in apps to be able to provide better customer experience, and service, boost sales and be more competitive in the market. The travel industry is very competitive, so don’t wait too long to get started.

Tourpaq simplifies the data organization process, which facilitates quick access to desired information, and if resource and time efficiency is what you desire, Tourpaq is the optimal choice for you. This offers more time to concentrate on building amazing tours instead of engaging in paperwork and tasks.  

Therefore, Tourpaq is the ideal solution if you seek a platform to reduce manual labor and get an edge over your competitors. Its user-friendly interface provides plenty of possibilities for optimizing operations and improving earnings as well as sales.  

By using Tourpaq, you can conserve resources and accelerate the business process ahead of your opponents. For those seeking a way to save time and remain competitive, Tourpaq has proven itself an invaluable asset.

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