Automatic email flow

Automatic email flow

Sales and marketing

Fully automated email process – including ticket issuing and payment reminders, predefined emails, vouchers and questionnaires

Automatic email flow

Automatic email flow

Tourpaq is all about automatization. We want to remove as many post its and excel sheet from your daily work as possible – Our Automatic email flow is one way of doing exactly that. The email flow starts when the customer has made a booking by sending the ticket within 20 min and from here and onwards, the flow follows the customer until they return home safely and are being met with the last email in our flow, being a questionnaire for them to fill in.  

By setting the automatic email flow you also add a touch of personalization to the customer experience – this is done by providing information relevant to the customer at the right time. And even though it is an automatically generated email, you can set the template to add various identifiers such as booking number, first name, last name or destination – its up to you.  

Define the email once and have Tourpaq send it out thousands of times.

Fully automated email process including:

  • Receipt is automatically sent to customers via e-mail, once payment has been posted
  • Option to automatically send out reminders. As a standard there is a pre-minder and two reminders
  • Ticketing and management of credit
  • All steps in the booking process can be controlled and adjusted in the e-mail centre
  • Individual adjustment of all outgoing e-mails per brand, language or market
  • E-mails can be set up with different senders, for example, finance, sales, etc.Mobile-friendly
  • Links to marketing surveys and quality questionnaires are sent automatically