Customer management

Customer management

Back office efficiency

Keeping a solid history of your customers, without jeopardizing their privacy. Adding a personal touch through automization.

Customer management

Customer management

Your customers are the CenterPoint for your business and so it is for Tourpaq.  

In Tourpaq we value the importance of keeping a solid history of your customers for you to easily interact with them, without jeopardizing their privacy.  

This is achieved based on activity log with full overviews of how we have interacted with them through previous bookings, offers send and service cases if any and the possibility to add personal notes in the customer cards. Our detailed overview also provides a full view of amounts spend by the customer and how much is earned on the customer.  

On top of this you can always see the same view as the customer – see any email send from the system, any changes done to the booking and by whom.

All of the above information is presented to you simply by adding the customer phone number being the first action you do, when a guest call you either to book their next vacation or with a question to an existing booking - keeping you one step ahead of the customer.  

Having the customer specific information available in Tourpaq will enable you to guide the customer in an even higher degree towards the product, that is their best match and also giving you the possibility to talk to the selling point you can se from the previous bookings might be of an importance to them – closing the deal, faster.

  • Email History
  • Sms history
  • Changes to booking
  • Conversation history through app or chat  
  • Questionnaire and overall satisfaction rate
  • Booking history
  • Latest booking destination and hotel
  • Identify and mark Special customer
  • Personal notes and reminders for easy and personalized conversation