Seating and room selection

Seating and room selection

Destination management

Further to seating layouts Tourpaq™ also offer a quite unique opportunity to activate specific room selection -Both backoffice and online.

Seating and room selection

Seating and room selection

It is common that specific seats on flights can be booked both back office and online – this is also the case in Tourpaq™. But did you know that through Tourpaq™ you can also activate the empty seat feature allowing guests to book an empty seat next to them – and naturally, we can automate the seating process for remaining free seats and communicate same to carriers.

Room selection is a quite unique opportunity that has been very well received among the guests. Its is often experienced that guests return to the same destination and even hotel year after year, and they know exactly which room they want to stay in. With Tourpaq you have the possibility to give the customer this option – they can select it themselves and it is added to the booking.  

The room selection will only show the guest the available rooms within the room category they have chosen.  

Seating and room selection can be added as part of the booking flow both online or backoffice or it can be added later in the process – up until x amount of days prior to departure, defined by you.

In order to maximize your sell of seating and/or room selections, we have a dynamic email flow that will trigger an email depending on which products have or have not been bought. Meaning that if a customer did not buy seating as part of the booking flow Tourpaq will send an email to remind them of the option.  

  • Unlimited number of transport layouts can be added. Used today by air transport, rail and long-distance coaches.
  • Multiple categories/cabins
  • Ability to generate automatic seating
  • Ability to sell seating as an optional extra and customer can choose his/her own seat both online as part of booking process or in ‘My Ticket’
  • Graphical presentation of the product seating or hotel room selection
  • Lists are automatically communicated to airlines and suppliers prior to departure

‍Layouts can be generated for more transport types such as busses.

Charter packages

Tourpaq provide you with the tools to produce and manage charter packages -

  • Hotel creation based on allotment, availability, prices per pax/day, facilities, descriptions and more
  • Contract management and YOY easy copying of hotel and cost price adjustments, with minimum manual interaction.
  • Transport creation based on allotment, availability, prices, forecasts.
  • Package generation based on allotment, transport, pension, activities and/or other combinations
  • One-click sharing products across multiple brands
  • Managing of stop sales
  • Managing of special offers, Early Booking Discounts, discounts and supplements

Dynamic packages

Tourpaq enables you to make the most of your production combining GDS flights with bedbanks or fixed contracted products with dynamic products.  

  • Integration to multiple bedbanks and GDS providers including Galileo and Hotel Beds
  • Same flow for booking dynamic packages back office and online as for standard packages
  • Creation of roundtrips enabling multiple stops. Sales both back office and online
  • Combination of flights, transfers, accommodation, choice of optional extra services by booking or against allotment.
  • Price determination of all resources for "a la carte/roundtrip" sales
  • Opportunity to create and publish dynamic packages for, for example, round trips, with flexible starting times and package content.
  • Multiple hotels in the same booking . Multiple transports in same booking
  • Combine charter flights with scheduled or low-cost flights
  • The shopper function automatically finds the cheapest ticket – even after the customer already made a booking
  • Option to select earliest and latest departure time . Option to specify maximum number of stops and maximum authorised travel length. Option to exclude specific airlines, hubs or booking classes. Optimal use of empty leg flights. Can combine charter with low-cost or scheduled flights
  • Try out new destinations or extend the season without charter risk


As one of the few in the market Tourpaq™ offer the possibility to build and sell customized routes based on predefined routes – not only backoffice, but also online. Inspire your guests to explore the world and let them build their own tailor made holiday, based on your products.

  • A la carte packages can be predefined
  • Multiple transports in one booking
  • Multiple hotels in one booking
  • Multiple transport in same room
  • Multiple destinations in same booking
  • Customized webpage to support this feature can also be delivered (not included)