Hotel and allotment control

Hotel and allotment control

Travel management

Always having an overview of your capacities - no matter if a booking is done online or backoffice, the capacity is booked instantly.

Hotel and allotment control

Allotment control

With Tourpaq you have full overview of your allotments for both hotel rooms, flight seats or any other capacity you have made available towards your customers. As soon as a booking is done, the allotment is reserved in the system and can not be booked by others. Meaning that you can manage and control how many products or packages you will make available for sale either backoffice and/or online.  

Your preferred suppliers can send stop sales in Tourpaq and if approved the allotment is cut automatically and your allotment is instantly updated to ensure that overbooking are eliminated.  

As part of the allotment control, Tourpaq also automatically generate lists that are send with the frequencies you define, to hotels and/or agents.  

If working with dynamic products Tourpaq is still to be considered your trusted partner. If products are taken from a shared pool i.e., bedbanks, the package will be marked as sold out online, if allotment is no longer available.  

we operate with different allotment types:

  • Free sell
  • Allotment
  • Secured Allotment  
  • Guaranteed Allotment
  • Allotment for extra categories
  • Allotment for excursions

For our extra categories we add a second layer to the allotment control. Here you can control down to various attributes such as shoe size, weights, heights and more. Meaning that you can set a specific allotment for a specific group of products ensuring that you will not sell a product that is no longer available.  

Working across multiple brands

One of the strong features in Tourpaq is the possibility to work across multiple brands. Meaning that you can also share allotment across multiple transports and/or brands in just a few clicks. You can choose to earmark allotment to a specific transport or brands – or you can choose to share your allotment to enable a ‘first come – first serve’ approach. As the allotment is consumed by a brand, it will be cut down in the other brands and once last allotment is taken, all sites will reflect ‘sold out’.  

This also gives you the opportunity to move allotment between your brands and/or transports. Lets say that you have a product that is hard to sell out of i.e. Billund Airport, then you can easily add it to your transport out of Copenhagen and by that, open up a new market to help sell your guarantees.  

Working with free sell allotment

One of the newest features in Tourpaq is our free sell. By this we want to provide the opportunity for you to easily open a new destination or product group, making it available for sale and testing if there is an interest for the market or the product you have identified. Once you see that there is an interest, you can in just 1 click change the allotment type to match the agreement you have made with the hotel.  With the free sell feature, there is still an option to communicate directly to your suppliers.