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How the Sales Manager is using Tourpaq to increase profit and simplify operations.

As a sales manager, it is important to be able to create good results and have systems in place that will help you succeed.

How the Sales Manager is using Tourpaq to increase profit and simplify operations.

The key to success lies in its ability to generate revenue through effective selling processes. We have talked to Kjeld Gadegaard, Sales Manager at Primo Tours, about how he uses Tourpaq, and which benefits he sees Tourpaq provides.

There is a lot of competition in the travel industry, so you need to be able to stand out from the rest”, says Kjeld Gadegaard, Sales Manager at Primo Tours.

In order to achieve this, it is essential to have a strong and well-organized system in place for managing the sales process from start to finish. This includes everything from finding and hiring talented individuals to fill sales positions, providing proper training so they can be successful, setting goals and measuring progress, and creating strategies for dealing with leads and boosting overall selling performance.

How to be a successful sales manager with Tourpaq in your corner  

With the day-to-day management of a business, there are many tasks that need to be completed and managed in order to ensure success. It is paramount that there is a good system that can support the many procedures and eliminate as many manually handled processes as possible. This ensures that you can spend your time properly developing your business. Tourpaq automates manual processes to free up time, allowing you to handle more customers with fewer hands, increasing efficiency drastically.

When you have a booking on your website, it can be very time-consuming to handle the booking. You must enter all the information, send an offer, and wait for a response from the customer. In this way, it is easy for you to lose the customer when they are looking for other offers on other websites.

One of the many advantages of the system is, it’s a great help for the sales team to automate as much as possible, so they save time on manual processes.

We would like to highlight some of our most popular and used features which are – Dynamic e-mail flow, the offer module, and our booking overview.

Which features do you use to automate the sales processes?

Here are some of the Tourpaq features, the sales manager uses every day to optimize sales and customer experience.

Tourpaq's fully automated email process runs a customer journey where everything runs automatically—from ticket issuing and payment reminders to predefined emails and vouchers. Customers are held by the hand all the way, which ensures them the best experience possible and makes them feel special.

One of the most important elements of business is time. Time is money, and when you are able to save time, you are saving money. Automation is an essential part of this process”, Kjeld explains.

  • Dynamic e-mail is a great tool for upselling, reminding customers of their purchases, and providing information. You can target all those who have not yet bought an option for their trip. Dynamic email can be sorted by filters so that those who need reminder information can easily be found. It can be used to remind people about parking—where they are guided and reminded that they must scan their number plate. In addition, it may also be used in connection with a relevant travel destination—where restrictions or other relevant information will be provided. Dynamic email can be sent out via both email and SMS service, so this feature is used very proactively while the customer is being held in the hand at the same time.
  • The E-mail center is an automatic e-mail flow that contains fixed templates that the system comes with, and you can customize them to include any information you want. These emails can be sent to all customers, but they contain no upsells. They're about customer service—reminders are sent out for travel purchases, flight cancellations, changes in flight departure times, and holiday greetings once the holiday is over. A welcome home email with a link to a questionnaire is also sent after the holiday; this way we can ensure our customers get all the information they need and have a good service.

Which features do you use every day in Tourpaq

Quick reports can be made fast because they have been optimized for speed and efficiency. In contrast to other systems, where it can take up to 30 minutes to produce a report – Tourpaq is so efficient that it can produce reports in just a few seconds – a few minutes if you have a lot of data processing work to do.

This means that you will be on top of your business with deep insight into sales and product gaps.  With pre-made report templates, you spend less time creating reports and more time setting up your teams to focus on what matters the most.  

“View all bookings – has got a lot of awesome features” - Kjeld explains.

  • When you have a good overview of what has been earned in different periods, it is easy to see which periods have been the most profitable. You can quickly see it from year to year or perhaps look at special weeks in different years. No matter what you look at, you will always find the period where the highest turnover is or whatever numbers you're looking for.
  • Here you have an overview of production costs/revenue vs. profit/contribution margin (earnings) – and it is possible to keep track of how many customers have paid or are missing a payment.
  • Having an overview of the destination and hotel level is also a big advantage because it is possible to look at optimization possibilities, and where the focus should lie.  

The offer module – this feature improves our internal workflows, so we can create offers faster and more easily. This feature also provides an easy-to-read overview of the entire offer stack.  

These features make the process of sending out offers very quick, and the service remains top-notch, as the team can focus most of the time on talking to the customers, and not the process of building an offer letter and email.  

It's easy to manage follow-ups on an offer. You can set a follow-up date and automate follow-up communication on both SMS and email.  You also quickly learn to spot, who is worth following up on based on the customer history.

The customer overview feature is a fantastic way to get to know your customers. Here, consultants have the opportunity to search for customers who have bought our travels before, and easily access information about what they liked or purchased in the past. This means that consultants can quickly form an overview of what their customers like and offer personalized advice that will ensure that they come back again.  

As you know, loyal customers are what make a business go round.

You can say that the fast user interface offers a lot of advantages internally, but also towards the customer, who will experience sublime advice - it is important to get a good alignment of expectations done quickly, in order to provide the best service”, Kjeld says.

Tourpaq also has a 360-customer view, where all emails sent and received can be shown, so we get a great overview of the customer, behaviors, and purchase likelihood.

Overall perspective – what’s not to like

If you're looking to eliminate manual processes and provide customers with a faster, more efficient service, we hope we've given you some great ideas for how to update your workflows.


The sales manager's tips to turn Tourpaq features into profits.

Upselling is a great way to increase your revenue, but it can be difficult to implement. Her are the Tourpaq features we use for upselling and generating more revenue.  

  1. Room selection can be booked on the spot. The traveler then gets a detailed overview of all the rooms in their hotel and can choose one within seconds. Additionally, the customer can make sure that all travelers stay in the same room, or that they are located close to each other
  1. Choosing airplane seats – one of the most used features is choosing airplane seats and giving the customers the ability to choose their seats, giving the opportunity for upselling.
  1. Travel insurance and cancellation insurance – When you book your trip with us, you can purchase travel insurance and cancellation insurance directly from us.
  1. Charter package – If you're looking to make your trip a little more convenient, it's worth considering a combined package that includes luggage, transfer, and food on the plane. This is an extremely popular option, and it helps to make the whole thing a little easier.
  1. Individual choices – It is also important to note that you can choose individual items when you book your trip. This includes food on the plane, luggage, transfers, car hire and golf bags. This ensures that you get exactly what you want and have it.

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