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Strictly no hands

Travel orders are proceeded without manual handling, from the order is received to the hotel is settled and the questionnaire sent out. 

Hybrid Web API

Tourpaq Hybrid Web API™ ensures efficient distribution of images, texts, prices, meta-elements, etc. to Momondo, Google, iPhone apps and own websites.

Auto-afregning af hoteller

Hotels are settled automatically with reverse charge and integration to ERP payment management

Automatic pricing

Tourpaq™ regulates selling prices up and down itself in line with demand, and based on the rules set up.

Optimisation of airline seat purchase

Tourpaq™ finds the cheapest flight seat on the market itself and can combine low cost flights with scheduled flights or own charter contracts. Fully integrated with GDS. 

All-in-one booking window

All types of trips are booked in a single booking window without scrolling or using tabs. Requires neither course nor training of employees.