Online Customer Engagement

Building a relation to your customers through Tourpaq™ – adding a personal touch through automization. 

Customer management 

In Tourpaq we value the importance of keeping a solid history of your customers, without jeopardizing their privacy. This is achieved based on activity log and personal notes and customer cards

  • Email History
  • Sms history
  • Changes to booking
  • Conversation history through app or chat  
  • Questionnaire and overall satisfaction rate
  • Booking history
  • Latest booking destination and hotel
  • Identify and mark Special customer
  • Personal notes and reminders for easy and personalized conversation

Customer log-in to 'my ticket'

Once the a booking is made, the customer will receive an auto generated email with a link and log-in details to ‘my ticket’. My ticket enables your customer to manage their booking themselves – while a full history of actions is logged in Tourpaq.

  • Deposit or full payment
  • ticket overview
  • upgrade their booking with seating, room selection and more
  • access to questionnaires

Automatic email flow

Fully automated email process – including ticket issuing and payment reminders. E-mails can easily be personalized by merging in names, booking number  and more.

  • Receipt is automatically sent to customers via e-mail, once payment has been posted
  • Option to automatically send out reminders. As a standard there is a pre-minder and two reminders
  • Ticketing and management of credit:
  • All steps in the booking process can be controlled and adjusted in the e-mail centre
  • Individual adjustment of all outgoing e-mails per brand, language or market
  • E-mails can be set up with different senders, for example, finance, sales, etc.Mobile-friendly
  • Links to marketing surveys and quality questionnaires are sent automatically

Dynamic email flow

Furthermore a dynamic email set up is also available, ensuring that customer only receive information that is relevant to them – enabling upsales and personalized customer communication. Set up based on a logic defined by you including a wide range of criteria such as

  • Destination or hotel
  • Booking date or departure date
  • Before or after
  • Specific hrs. for email/sms to be sent can be set
  • Various categories for sold / not sold
  • Email sender can be set as needed
  • Insert variables to personalize email header and content
  • Products sold 

Online Booking flow

Easy all-in one online booking flow for guests

  • Unique and uniform online booking flow for packages, dynamic packages and round-trips
  • Enabling a direct booking flow directly from email offer
  • Responsive web booking for online end-users
  • Immediate and automatic confirmation per email upon booking
  • Possibility to change between i.e morning and afternoon flight
  • Presentation site with all applicable up-sales opportunities
  • Upgrade the holiday with up-sales opportunities


Would you like to know, how guests find their way to you travel agency, who else did they consider or what did they like the most during their holiday? These are all subjects that can be managed through questionnaires set up and send out through Tourpaq

  • Guests will be reminded to answer questionnaires in 'My ticket'
  • Answers and overall satisfaction will be saved on customer card
  • Statistics can be set to show result, improvements and focus points
  • Easy setup

Group Web

With Group web, you decide how involved you want to be in the booking process – and how much the Group should manage themselves, keeping you updated at all times.

  • Allows bookings for individuals with individual logins and payments
  • A unique lodging system that allows the guests to book accommodation 
  • A unique lodging system that allows the guests to book and lock accommodation with more guests, sharing code to open up the room for booking for them only. 
  • The group leader can log in and manage all bookings 
  • Provides a CMS module where you can create a private page with inspiring and personal content for your groups. 
  • Comes with different web designs for you to choose from when creating customized pages for your groups 
  • The guests can enter personal details themselves 
  • Allowing you to create an unlimited number of ancillary products 
  • Easy navigation and filtering, keeping you up to date on i.e capacity booked and missing payments 

Guest App

Nowadays, the whole world can fit into a phone, so Tourpaq makes everything easier and more accessible for both customers and partners through dedicated mobile app, fully integrated with back office. The perfect travel companion, with everything your guests need for their holiday in one place. Both before, during and after the holiday.

  • Chat with back office or guides
  • Upsale opportunities
  • Hotel and destination guide
  • Traveling information and ticket
  • Holiday count down
  • Excursions, Inspiration and booking
  • Meet your guide
  • Vocabulary
  • Maps
  • Weather

Select offer

Through select offer, you get the possibility to generate the offer while speaking to the customer, add comments, set followup dates and send it per email as you hang up the phone. Statistics based on sold, open and/or expired offers are available in the dashboard. 

  • Offer generation and communication 
  • Email template for simple online booking
  • Easy booking via offer online or back office
  • Statistics and statuses for easy follow up
  • Identification of achieved sales
  • Bestsellers and online vs back office sales
  • Reason codes 
  • Full log on customer history of offers received, reason codes and sales

As our world-famous writer HC Andersen wrote back in the mid-18th century "To travel is to live". He was a travelled gentleman and for over 40 years made trips to many destinations, which were certainly not easy to get to at this time. We live by his motto and our goal is to make the travel experience as perfect as possible, both for the customers, but certainly also for all those who work with all the underlying planning, to create great travel experiences and amazing products.


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