Travel Production and Management

 Tourpaq™ is the complete solution for travel production and management. Supporting the process from start, by creation of all elements needed for accommodation and transport

Including full flow for producing complex and dynamic travel schemas - while at the same time also enabling the integration of multiple Suppliers’ services such as excursions, car rentals, Bedbanks & GDS.

Charter packages

Tourpaq provide you with the tools to produce and manage charter packages - 

  • Hotel creation based on allotment, availability, prices per pax/day, facilities, descriptions and more
  • Contract management and YOY easy copying of hotel and cost price adjustments, with minimum manual interaction.
  • Transport creation based on allotment, availability, prices, forecasts.
  • Package generation based on allotment, transport, pension, activities and/or other combinations
  • One-click sharing products across multiple brands
  • Managing of stop sales
  • Managing of special offers, Early Booking Discounts, discounts and supplements 

Dynamic packages

Tourpaq enables you to make the most of your production combining GDS flights with bedbanks or fixed contracted products with dynamic products.  

  • Integration to multiple bedbanks and GDS providers including Galileo and Hotel Beds
  • Same flow for booking dynamic packages back office and online as for standard packages
  • Creation of roundtrips enabling multiple stops. Sales both back office and online
  • Combination of flights, transfers, accommodation, choice of optional extra services by booking or against allotment.
  • Price determination of all resources for "a la carte/roundtrip" sales
  • Opportunity to create and publish dynamic packages for, for example, round trips, with flexible starting times and package content.
  • Multiple hotels in the same booking . Multiple transports in same booking
  • Combine charter flights with scheduled or low-cost flights
  • The shopper function automatically finds the cheapest ticket – even after the customer already made a booking
  • Option to select earliest and latest departure time . Option to specify maximum number of stops and maximum authorised travel length. Option to exclude specific airlines, hubs or booking classes. Optimal use of empty leg flights. Can combine charter with low-cost or scheduled flights
  • Try out new destinations or extend the season without charter risk


As one of the few in the market Tourpaq™ offer the possibility to build and sell customized routes based on predefined routes – not only backoffice, but also online. Inspire your guests to explore the world and let them build their own tailor made holiday, based on your products. 

  • A la carte packages can be predefined 
  • Multiple transports in one booking
  • Multiple hotels in one booking
  • Multiple transport in same room
  • Multiple destinations in same booking
  • Customized webpage to support this feature can also be delivered (not included)

Group Web

With Group web, you decide how involved you want to be in the booking process – and how much the Group should manage themselves, keeping you updated at all times.

  • Allows bookings for individuals with individual logins and payments
  • A unique lodging system that allows the guests to book accommodation
  • A unique lodging system that allows the guests to book and lock accommodation with more guests, sharing code to open up the room for booking for them only.
  • The group leader can log in and manage all bookings
  • Provides a CMS module where you can create a private page with inspiring and personal content for your groups.
  • Comes with different web designs for you to choose from when creating customized pages for your groups
  • The guests can enter personal details themselves
  • Allowing you to create an unlimited number of ancillary products
  • Easy navigation and filtering, keeping you up to date on i.e capacity booked and missing payments 

Automatic billing

Introducing Automatic billing, we turn things upside down - to your benefit. 

  • Tourpaq issue the invoice on behalf of the supplier, based on values entered in Tourpaq. 
  • invoice can be set to be automatically issued at any given day and time, as per suppliers request.
  • Invoices can be approved directly by supplier and payment issued - nothing needed from your side
  • if any remarks from supplier these will be dealt with manually

Pricing and Yield Management

Whether you want to atomize your price adjustments based on forecasts or actual sales or if you prefer to have hands on and adjust prices semi-manual, Tourpaq is providing a wide variety of features to support your business and strategies for maximizing your revenue and profits.

  • Set up of rules for child discounts, extra beds, stay and pay, special offers and more
  • Migrate pricelists
  • Copying pricelists across multiple brands
  • Factor matrix forecasting for automated price adjustments
  • Transport price regulation rules for automated price adjustment
  • Package price regulation rules for automated price adjustment
  • Transport or hotel only price management
  • Campaigns and discounts


  • All payments, reconciliations and settlements of differences take place in Tourpaq
  • Accounts receivable management, invoicing, reconciliation and posting are controlled from the dashboard and finance
  • Calculation of margin VAT (TOMS) in a few minutes via view all bookings
  • Export file to accountant, business intelligence system or Excel (can run automatically)
  • Upon departure, the turnover is recalculated based on actual vs. forecast
  • Import OCR file and register payments 
  • Deposit transactions and Payment reminders 
  • Customer claims settlement
  • Cash flow report
  • Integration to several accounting systems
  • Payment by cash, credit card, mobile pay or giftcard

Campaigns & discounts

Giving you a unique opportunity to manage multiple campaigns at the same time, target customer groups keeping the overview in campaign dashboard.

  • Discounts can be set based on amount or %
  • Automatic applied or using a discount code
  • Discount codes can be applied both back office and online
  • Campaigns can be set to improve upsales - buy 3 products and 1 is free or similar
  • Campaign can be set to automatically manage prices over a period of time - to high sales, price is increased or to little sale and the price in decreased
  • Guests action is saved giving you an opportunity to see, which customers reacted to the campaign and target same guests next time
  • Campaigns can be set based on all hotels in one destination, specific hotels or even room types
  • multiple campaigns can be set at the same time and you keep the overview in campaign dashboard

As our world-famous writer HC Andersen wrote back in the mid-18th century "To travel is to live". He was a travelled gentleman and for over 40 years made trips to many destinations, which were certainly not easy to get to at this time. We live by his motto and our goal is to make the travel experience as perfect as possible, both for the customers, but certainly also for all those who work with all the underlying planning, to create great travel experiences and amazing products.


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