Online training made easy at your disposal when you have the time and in your preferred language

Training made easy with TrainingTube

With Tourpaq you also get full access to TrainingTube - our way to make training easy and make all videos and content available to you whenever you have the time to learn a bit more or if you're just a bit curious to see how Tourpaq can and support you and your business.

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When working in Tourpaq you always have easy access to a simple overview of how your products are selling, turnover, upsales and more. Either brand per brand or across all brands - in any given period. 

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Automatic Email Flow

In Tourpaq we always aim to automate as many processes as possible . Therefore we have also chosen to build an automatic email flow in Tourpaq to ease your communication towards the customers.

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Dynamic Email Center

You may already have seen a video on the automatic email flow that has been built in Tourpaq. However we have chosen to take it one step further and also built a dynamic email flow.

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As our world-famous writer HC Andersen wrote back in the mid-18th century "To travel is to live". He was a travelled gentleman and for over 40 years made trips to many destinations, which were certainly not easy to get to at this time. We live by his motto and our goal is to make the travel experience as perfect as possible, both for the customers, but certainly also for all those who work with all the underlying planning, to create great travel experiences and amazing products.


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