Back Office efficiency

Automatic back office booking flow

Automatic back office booking flow

Tourpaq is providing you with a unique all-in-one booking window for easy overviews, bookings and upsales.

  • Same booking flow for packages, dynamic packages and roundtrips
  • Possibility of searching for transports, hotels and capacities in one entry 
  • Combines several different room types and/or transports in the same travel document 
  • Unlimited number of rooms on the same booking 
  • Automatic pricing of all relevant additional services incl. travel insurance, transfers and extras 
  • Link via offers for easy back office booking 
  • Automatic calculation of child discounts, campaigns, promotion discounts and more 
  • Look up customer and full history by phone number or name 
  • Automatic proposal of pax allocation and room combination based on number of persons and/or rooms 
  • Ability to create and book a la carte / round trip bookings directly against inventories for transports, hotels etc. 
  • Travel insurance can set to be calculated automatically. 
  • Cancellation insurance can be set to be calculated automatically 
  • Extra-based functions for booking of tee times, ski-rental, pensions types and more 

Dashboard and notifications

In order to act fast and efficiently, the information must be visible all the time. Therefore Tourpaq gathers the most important data into one place, helping users to make the most of their job and support management in documented decision making.

  • Internal messaging system with filing and receipt function
  • Quick overview of tasks relating to offers, special offers, stop sales and more
  • The dashboard replaces multiple reports and provides an easy overview
  • The dashboard is adapted to the user group, so only relevant data are shown based on user settings
  • Search box with indexed search, enabling the results appear while you are typing
  • Statistics based on geographic
  • Lookup function with notifications that automatically reminds you of bookings that are in status error, unpaid or with upsales opportunities identified
  • Alarm that notifies you, if there is a lack of beds compared to guarantee seats – or vice versa
  • GDS ticket queue monitoring incl. list of bookings that are ready to be issued
  • Live queue monitoring of new incoming special offers from hotel suppliers
  • Live queue monitoring stop sales issued by the hotel supplier
  • Warning if overbooking of transport and/or hotel occurs

View all bookings and statistics

Maybe one of the most important aspects of a business is to have a clear, fact based overview. Tourpaq gives you just that.

  • View all bookings – monitoring daily sales
  • View all booking – statistics and comparisons
  • Easy profit overviews based on product type, hotel, transport and/or destination
  • Export files
  • Sales statistics and profit overviews
  • Seat vs. beds overviews
  • Easy overview of todays sales
  • Easy overview of specific periods and sales monitoring
  • Easy comparison across periods, destinations og hotels
  • Overview box with the most common KPIs such as sales, revenue, pax booked per day/period

Automatic email flow

Fully automated email process, including ticket issuing, confirmation and payment reminders.

  • Automatic issuing of documents, predefines emails, vouchers and questionnaires
  • Automatic confirmation via e-mail, ticket and log in to customer page ‘ My ticket’
  • Automated standard email flow for payment reminders
  • Emails can be pushed to all on one flight, one hotel or one destination for flight schedule changes or similar
  • Auto-generated PDF confirmation
  • Corrections of travel document/invoices are sent automatically and stored in the history log
  • Links to marketing surveys and quality questionnaires are sent automatically
  • Passenger lists are automatically sent to charter carriers and/or handling company
  • Hotels can be set up for automatic reporting via e-mail
  • Individual adjustment of all outgoing e-mails per brand, language or market
  • E-mails can be set up with different senders, for example, finance, sales, etc.

Dynamic email flow

Furthermore a dynamic email set up is also available, ensuring that customer only receive information that is relevant to them – enabling upsales and personalized customer communication. Set up based on a logic defined by you including a wide range of criteria such as

  • Destination or hotel
  • Booking date or departure date
  • Before or after
  • Specific hrs. for email/sms to be sent can be set
  • Various categories for sold / not sold
  • Email sender can be set as needed
  • Insert variables to personalize email header and content
  • Products sold

Customer history log of bookings and offers

In Tourpaq we value the importance of keeping a solid history of your customers, without jeopardizing their privacy. This is achieved based on activity log and personal notes and customer cards.

  • E-mail History
  • Sms history
  • Changes to booking
  • Conversation history through app or chat
  • Questionnaire and overall satisfaction rate
  • Booking history
  • Latest booking destination and hotel
  • Identify and mark Special customer
  • Personal notes and reminders for easy and personalized conversation

Multiple brand management

With Tourpaq you can manage multiple brands in just a few clicks.
Making it easy to monitor and compare sales and pricing across brands or individual. 

  • Resports and statictics across multiple brands
  • View all bookings across brands or individual
  • Product sharing across brands in just one click
  • Migration of pricelists across brands
  • Easy price adjustments across brands
  • Differentiate product tekst across brands
  • Multiple currency management

Customer offers and statistics

Being able to provide guests with personalized and detailed offers, without spending too much time doing so, is key. to a successful sale.
Through select offer, you get the possibility to generate the offer while speaking to the customer. Add comments based on your conversation, set follow-up dates and send the offerper email as you hang up the phone. Statistics based on sold, open and/or expired offers are available in the dashboard.  

  • Offer generation and communication
  • Easy booking via offer online or back office
  • Statistics and statuses for easy follow up, identification of achieved sales, bestsellers and online vs back office sales, reason codes and more.
  • Full log on customer history of offers received, reason codes and sales

As our world-famous writer HC Andersen wrote back in the mid-18th century "To travel is to live". He was a travelled gentleman and for over 40 years made trips to many destinations, which were certainly not easy to get to at this time. We live by his motto and our goal is to make the travel experience as perfect as possible, both for the customers, but certainly also for all those who work with all the underlying planning, to create great travel experiences and amazing products.


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