Tourpaq™ for Tour Operators by Tour Operators

Automatizing and simplifying the things that matters the most

Tourpaq™ was founded in 2010 by Bjarke Hansen,
our current CEO in Tourpaq™.

Also in 2010 Bjarke started the charter group Primo Tours and this is actually the main reason, why Tourpaq™ was also born. At the time Bjarke did not find a booking platform that he belived could provide him with a solid platform to start and grow his travel business – leaving him with only one thing to do – simply build his own.

Both then and now its has been a key cornerstone that Tourpaq™ should be the ‘invisible’ but trusted partner in the travel industry – build by a team that understand and lives the travel industry and not only software.

Since then Bjarke has travelled the world, learning the industry, building a career within The Primo Tours Group while at the same time developing relationships with clients, Tour Operators and creating Tourpaq™.

Tourpaq™ has grown to be a ERP system for Tour operators, with automated processes for both charter, dynamic packaging and circuit travel planning and booking – managing the entire flow, supporting your business. 

We are determined to deliver relevant, leading-edge software and services taking its offset in our depth of knowledge in the Tourism Industry and Customers requirements. This determination has resulted in more than 115.000 hrs of developments YTD and we continue to grow having monthly sprints with approx. 1000 hrs of improving, developing and testing, ensuring that Tourpaq™ remains your leading partner within the travel industry. 

The Team

Today Tourpaq™ is being managed on a daily basis by co-owner Maibritt in close cooperation with CEO Bjarke and our lead developer Gabriel.
Tourpaq™ is based in 3 offices world wide and build on competences within coding, automatization, App- and Web design and quality assurance – dedicated colleagues that make up today’s Tourpaq™ team of experts.
in order to provide high quality, leading-edge software, web development solutions and quality testing – we aim to have our Team build around colleagues that are Microsoft Certified Professionals and Microsoft Certified Technology Specialists.

Our Locations




As our world-famous writer HC Andersen wrote back in the mid-18th century "To travel is to live". He was a travelled gentleman and for over 40 years made trips to many destinations, which were certainly not easy to get to at this time. We live by his motto and our goal is to make the travel experience as perfect as possible, both for the customers, but certainly also for all those who work with all the underlying planning, to create great travel experiences and amazing products.


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