Ticketing and management of credit

Fully automatic mid-office.
Fewer human errors. Better customer service. Around the clock.

"It all runs by itself. 
It is crazy the amount of time we save!"


Ticketing and management of credit:

  • All steps in the booking process can be controlled and adjusted in the e-mail centre
  • Individual adjustment of all outgoing e-mails per brand, language or market
  • E-mails can be set up with different senders, for example, finance, sales, etc.
  • E-mails can easily be personalised by merging in names, travel document number etc.
  • Travel document/invoices are sent automatically, the sellers do not have to remember to press "send"
  • Corrections of travel document/invoices are also sent automatically 
  • Credit card payments are posting themselves. Bank payments can be imported from online banking
  • Overdue debtors are reminded automatically. Non-overdue debtors can receive a pre-reminder
  • Possibility of including encrypted hash-key-links in all e-mails (access without login)
  • Vouchers for transfers, car rental, ski rental, lift passes, etc. are automatically sent, when there is a final payment
  • E-tickets (GDS) can be put on hold from the dashboard, without knowledge of Galileo or Amadeus
  • E-tickets (GDS) are automatically inserted on the travel document/invoice, which is sent to the customer
  • E-tickets (Low-cost) are automatically inserted on the travel document/invoice during the booking process
  • Links to marketing surveys and quality questionnaires are sent automatically
  • Passenger lists are automatically sent to charter carriers and/or handling company
  • Passenger lists can be sent as readable PDF, Paxport format or Radixx format
  • Option to automatically generate address lists for the tax-free suppliers 
  • Travel insurance is booked automatically at Europæiske or Gouda
  • Hotels can be set up for automatic reporting via e-mail

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