Anchored dynamic packaging™

You automatically get the cheapest seat. Quite simple.
Combine own contacts with low-cost flights or scheduled flights. End of empty legs and short seasons.

"Some talk about the thread from low-cost carriers. 
Others turn it into strength." 


Tourpaq Anchored Dynamic Packaging™:

  • Combine charter flights with scheduled or low-cost flights
  • The shopper function automatically finds the cheapest ticket
  • Integration to 11 different low-cost companies via Travelport uAPI
  • Requires no knowledge of Amadeus or Galileo 
  • Option to select earliest and latest departure time
  • Option to specify maximum number of stops and maximum authorised travel length
  • Option to exclude specific airlines, hubs or booking classes
  • Option to switch between own group agreements and airline promotions
  • Optimisation of code-share flights. The guest will have the same seat, just cheaper
  • Optimal use of empty leg flights. Can combine charter with low-cost or scheduled flights
  • Try out new destinations or extend the season without charter risk
  • Fully automated booking and ticketing workflow 


Supported Low Cost Carriers:

  SpiceJet      Southwest Airlines    Norwegian   Jet 2 

       VirginBlue     Nok Air   BMI Baby   AirTran    JetStar

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