Cost price control

Know your exact costs. Instantly.

"We know the destinations that are profitable and the profit margin of each booking!"


Cost price control:

  • Option to follow the earnings of each customer
  • Calculation of revenue and gross profit on each booking 
  • Cost items can be entered per hotel, transport, supplement or destination
  • Option to store several different hotel cost prices per season and room type
  • Handling of special offers, stay-and-pay and early-bird-discounts on hotels
  • Dynamic classification of age-specific discounts on hotels and additional services
  • Handling of variable costs, such as taxes on transports
  • Quickly view of the order book’s total gross profit via dashboard
  • Option to filter data on departure and booking periods, hotel, countries, destinations, etc.
  • Integration to price lists, so the gross profit is shown at pricing and price regulation 
  • Integration between cost price control and automatic hotel settlement
  • Handling of warranty contracts and pro-rata agreements on aircrafts


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