CRM and marketing

Complete CRM with doublet handling and integration to the questionnaire module.

"We have gathered all customer data in one place. 
Now we know who are most satisfied and most profitable – and we can see where they live!"


CRM and marketing:

  • Complete marketing module with CRM
  • Intelligent function for deletion or merging of doublets
  • Customer dashboard with an overview of the customer database
  • Number of customers, number of bookings, number of pax, etc. can be read directly in the dashboard
  • Overview of the quality of the collected questionnaires
  • Integration to Mailchimp and the possibility of following the number of sign-ups
  • Overview of the booking flow per month for new customers and repeaters
  • Brochure order function with cost tracking per media and per insertion
  • Handling of referral campaigns with possibility of issuing individual codes
  • Export with the possibility of filtering on geography, satisfaction, number of bookings, etc.


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