Automatic sales price optimisation

Follow the market. Around the clock.
The monitoring promptly responds to market changes and automatically adjusts the prices up and down.

"The system keeps track of sales and automatically adjusts the prices up and down!"


Automatic sales price optimisation:

  • It is possible to indicate the desired load factor week by week until departure
  • The load factor budgets can be saved in the templates and be reused on the individual transports
  • Possibility of creating an unlimited number of price regulation rules and associate them with a transport
  • The trigger responds to pre-defined deviations in sales, within a given sales period
  • Trigger function. Pricing rules are turned on/off in relation to the deviation of the projected load factor
  • Stop-loss function that ensures that the system never goes below a pre-defined minimum price
  • Price regulation rules may be associated with one or more transports, as you wish
  • Advanced log, which stores all price changes and shows the development in a diagram


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