Automatic hotel settlement

Full control over hotel settlements. The whole process is automated.

"No more confusing hotel bills. 
No more over-invoicing and frustrating returns.
Now it is us, who send the settlement!"


Automatic hotel settlement:

  • When the guest has departed, Tourpaq™ automatically generates a settlement to the hotel
  • Workflow via dashboard, so you know how far your settlement has come in the process
  • Approved settlements can be read out to payment management or ERP system
  • Rejected settlements can be retrieved for manual handling
  • The advanced cost price module ensures that the agency always receives all available discounts 
  • The system automatically sets off early-bird, stay-and-pay, special-offers and other special agreements
  • Unlimited number of room types in the same settlement
  • No annual processes. Everything is automated
  • It is possible to bundle settlements in weekly settlement, monthly settlement, etc.
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